Todays Retail Club


We are a member of the Today’s Retail Club. Today’s Retail Club is now the most successful retail loyalty club in the business. Today’s Retail Club offers their customers with frequent, eye-catching promotions to really get their shop buzzing. In this competitive environment, by joining the Retail Club, we offer our customers more deals which will help you provide a great range of products at competitive prices to keep them coming back


  • Non-stop DEALS with good MARGINS
    Today’s Retail Club deals are for every three weeks seventeen times a year. They cover a full range of grocery, impulse and licenced products. They are competitively priced to drive footfall into your stores whilst still delivering a healthy margin.
  • Personalised Consumer Leaflets
    Today’s Retail Club members will receive personalised consumer leaflets for distribution door to door. Club Members will receive the leaflets before each promotion starts. Advantage of the leaflets is that you can distribute to the areas you want to cover and attract new customers while keeping the existing customers with new promotions. Naturally, this will increase of foot flow and drives your sale.
  • Point Of Sale Material
    Attractive Point of Sale kits are part of each promotion. Today’s Retail Club members are supplied with colourful window posters and shelf edge talkers. The Point of Sale materials are designed to make it attractive to customers
  • Every Day Products with Deals
    Deals and Promotions are regularly made for Everyday products. At Today’s Retail Club, the promotions are ideal for retailers who wish to compete in this demanding times. You will receive regular deals, one-off deals, multi-buy offers, special price offers on a vast range of products.
  • Dedicated Service Line
    Once you are a Today’s Retail Club member, you will have a dedicated Manager who will provide support and guidance with product range and in-store merchandising techniques to help you grow your sales and profit margins. By this service line, we support our members thereby creating a long-standing relationship with each of our customers.

    If you want to know more about the Retail Club or would like to Join Today’s Retail Club, please contact us on 020 8594 8985


As a member, we are getting all the promotional deals and they are great. To compete against the super makets and their express shops, this is one of the best supermarkets. We appreciate the offers and the prompt delivery by Chetan.

Todays Club offers personalised marketing material and this carries our store details for people to see. It helps us to show that we offer great deals and are bringing customers to the store. Every three weeks we get great deals and brilliant POS material. The constant good offers helps us to build a customer loyalty and Chetans service is always brilliant in delivering the material and products

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